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Reverse Osmosis (Water Treatment)

For anyone interested in the fascinating world of membrane technology in drinking water production and industrial water treatment, this course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to better understand the process and its applications. Your dependence on external advisors will be reduced and your ability to make decisions regarding investment and maintenance within the organization will be greatly enhanced.

Introduction to Solar

How do solar cells work, why do we need, and how can we measure their efficiency? These are just some of the questions Introduction to solar cells tackles. Whether you are looking for general insight in this green technology or your ambition is to pursue a career in solar, “Introduction to Solar Cells” is an excellent starting point. The course is a tour through the fundamental disciplines including solar cell history, why we need solar energy,


Solar powered water pumping represents a major achievement for modern water distribution. The training will be held at SERC with an installed surface and a submerged water pumping unit. Practical excersises in stand-alone and hybrid (grid or genset backup) configuration to learn the most important operational parameters. Proprietary manufacturer software will be used to design and calculate PV powered pumping and irrigation systems.

Modern Farming

The second essential element in a sustainable transformation of the global food system takes focuses on changes in industrialized, large-scale agricultural production. These practices must be changed in order to have a sustainable food system. This module identifies some of the kinds of changes needed and presents case studies showing how some actors are beginning the transformation process.

Occupation Safety

Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real world problems. Learn mathematics from scholars and university toppers who not make it interesting, but also fun to learn.

Intra and Interpersonal Skill

Improve your communication skills at work and learn how to navigate positive collaboration in the modern workplace

Sustainable development and green business based on renewable energy. Reduce CO2 emission concept. Renewable energy-based green businesses can limit climate change and global warming

Carbon Emission Reduction, Mitigation and Adaptation

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